Ajay is a fourth-round pick last year, until the last week, the total number of yards of his career is 304 yards, the highest number of single-game yards is 48 yards this season, last week's game was his first starts, after he Arian is - Foster (Arian Foster) on the bench.

„We are thrilled to renew and Brandon 4 years,“ team general manager John - Elvey (John Elway) representation. „In the past three years Brandon has become an important member of our defense group and has been trying to pay to become a key member of the team. Congratulations to Brandon and we expect him to play for the Broncos for many years.“

Jaguaya Wei Lamsse: Looking forward to Obj On August 2, the Jalen Ramsey was reported on Tuesday to Jalen Ramsey. However, he has begun to consider the game, and it is even more exciting to take over the giants, Odell Beckham Jr..

Williams is 24 years old and is the 5th round of the team in the season in the 2013 season. The defensive dish who has been in the University of Alabama won the national championship is plagued by knee injury after entering the league, and has not yet been recorded.

In the fifth round of the 2012 draft, was selected Jacksonville Jaguars defense can cover the whole width of the Marshall Islands, he has for the Broncos dominant defensive players in defensive group, made a total of 215 tackles 3.5 times growth in the last two seasons 13 sack destruction of passing and 2 steals. In the anti-anti-pass run and have played outstanding linebacker Marshall is the ideal Broncos defensive group.

They are: OJ Simpson (O.J.Simpson), Earl Campbell - (Earl Campbell) and Ricky - Williams (Ricky Williams), their 2 personal Hall of Fame players, respectively, are the Heisman Award winner. After this Sunday's game, the more incredible list on a man named Jay - Ajay (Jay Ajayi) player, a Miami Dolphins running back.

Linebacker Brandon - Marshall 4-year contract with the Broncos Although Denver Broncos still yet to get von - Miller (Von Miller) huge contract extension, they retain another key member of the defense team.

Dong District 4 detachment, 3 in Shanghai, 3 have the potential for winning, can say that Shanghai's American football development is too many other areas. Shanghai Warriors were established in March 2012 in March 2012, and Shanghai Titan was established in July 2013 by some of the original Warriors. Although Titan is more late than the fish, they already have the ability to call the Warriors, and recently have a winner with the Warriors. The reason why Titan's development is so fast, because the extensive propaganda and professional coach, the number of Titan in this session is as high as 70. The Warriors have always had several players who have a very high-powered literate, while the Warriors have been replacing, although there are not many people, cheap Jerseys From china 15 people in 2012 to 45 people, but their war is extremely powerful. It is a typical example of the 10 people in the 13th team of 13 people.

NFL official website reporter Ian - Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Marshall's contract extension worth 32 million US dollars, including guaranteed income of $ 20 million. This includes $ 10 million signing bonus contract extension will allow the effectiveness of the Marshall Islands for the Broncos to the 2020 season.

Although I can't be killed in the same city, it can be considered a fate. The 2-bit medium-sized censor of the last champion dock, directly leads to the big reduction of the pier work, May this year and the friendly match of Titan, the home is 56: 0, but after all, it has been a team of the champion, and the whole battle Power. The strength of the horses is not seen in June, in June, the martyrdom has a long way to go, the first battle competition is a driving challenge of the dockwork, will be a hard battle.

Griffin's recent performance is very dissatisfied with him. In interview, the team will try to use different ways to inspire Griffin's ability: „For us, it is important to make breakthroughs in the first two files, so that we don't have to always ask 4 points. After retreating. A game passed 30 times, such a play is not suitable for our players. We must find a way to lead in the game, so you can more patience our plan. The team's current problem is mainly We need to strive to overcome them in the three gear performance and pass. “

Ramse said: „Everyone knows that he is an excellent takeover, but everyone knows that I am not weak. Yes, he is strong but I am also strong. If you think he is the best plus, then I am the best Corner. We will give the audience to a wonderful play to the audience in the regular season. “

Don't say anything else, Ramse is anger to have a set. Older people who have always been calmly A.j. Green (A.j. Green) were arratuous to hit people, leading to the last two people. And the sex of the OBJ is anxious.

Main coach Jay Gruden said: „Look at the successful quarterfield in the alliance, Eli Manning has first sent 195 games, PEYTON Manning And Drew Brrees has long been more than 200. And Robert, I am uncertain, maybe only 15 or 16 games. This kind of sample is too small, not enough to conclusion to his career, time will prove everything.“

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