(Image: season's most common plan nfl Jerseys rules are also one of the charm of this movement, because NFL rules and sentences are more objectively and accurate than other confrontational movements such as football. The following is the most common foul on the 2013-2014 season.

Offensive Holding & Mdash; & mdash; Offensive illegal blocking, 587 times, averaging is 2.199.

The offensive player can not obstruct the defensive player by pulling or hugging actions.

False Start & Mdash; & mdash; Attack started in advance, 530 times, 1.985 average.

In addition to being parallel or backward, the offensive player cannot have any action within one second before the ball.

Defensive Pass Interference & Mdash; & mdash; defensive interference ball, 247 times, 0.925 average.

Defensive players cannot touch their body when the offensive player is on the position of the ball.

Unnecessary Roughness & mdash; & mdash; malicious collision, 227 times, averaging 0.85 times.

Any player can't collide with a player who is brought out or a ball-off-attack player that has fallen to the ground, and it is not possible to collide any other person players who cannot produce any impact.

Defensive Holding & Mdash; & mdash; defensive illegal blocking, 181 times, 0.678 times.

Defensive players cannot hinder the offensive pickup by pulling or hugging actions.

Defensive offside & mdash; & mdash; defensive line, 157 times, 0.588 average.

Defensive players can not be at the opening of the ball at the moment.

Delay of Game & Mdash; & mdash; delayed competition, 151 times, averaging 0.566 times.

Offensive groups must start a new round of attacks within 40 seconds of regular time.

NEUTRAL ZONE INFRACTION & MDash; & mdash; infringement of neutral area, 131 times, 0.491 average.

Before the kicking, the defensive player entered the neutral area leads to the attacking players should be excited. (Zhongli District refers to the space of the rugby roof to the end of the end)

Illegal block Above the Waist & mdash; & mdash; Behind people, 100 times, averaging 0.375 times.

The defensive side cannot push any offensive players who don't hold the ball from behind.

Roughing the passer & mdash; & mdash; malicious collision of the ball, 90 times, 0.337 times.

Defensive players can not clear the ball after attacking the ball and throws the ball.

Face Mask & mdash; & mdash; catching mask, 87 times, averaging 0.326 times.

No players can't use hand to catch the other player mask.

Personal Foul & mdash; & mdash; Personal foul, 79 times, 0.296 average.

Generally occurring with the „violation of physical education“, it is mainly the penalty of over-action behavior such as players or coaches.

Illegal use of haands & mdash; & mdash; hand illegal action, 75 times, 0.281 average.

Any player can not continue to push the other player helmet and face mask.

Offensive pass interface; & mdash; offensive interference ball, 66 times, 0.271 average.

The offensive player can not contact its body when the defensive player is at the ball.

Encroachment & mdash; & mdash; contact offensive players before defensing, 61 times, 0.228 average.

Defensive players cannot contact offensive players before the kick.

Illegal formation & mdash; & mdash; illegal formation, 61 times, 0.228 average.

The offensive group must have 7 people, and the center is the axis, and there must be three players on both sides, otherwise it is determined to be illegal formation.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct & Mdash; & mdash; violates sports spirit, 59 times, 0.221 average.

The player on any field does not have any violation of physical fitness.

Intensional Grounding & Mdash; & mdash; malicious throwing ball, 41 times, 0.154 average.

Quad-defense can not throw the ball in anyone in the pocket. (The pocket refers to the scope of the two offensive cuts to the end of this part.

Illegal contact & mdash; & mdash; 5 code external blocking player, 38 times, 0.124 average.

Defensive players cannot limit the player movement outside the ball 5 yards.

Horse Collar Tackle & Mdash; & mdash; gather neck-style, 31 times, 0.116 average.

Defensive players can't put him from behind the neck of the neck from behind.

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