The raid person signed the old will safely Wei Tayele Metz wholesale nfl jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the Taylor MayS will sign a contract with the Auckland raid according to the infantry news.

click through the following web page official website reporter said: „Eagle and Haiying have been talking to pirates. According to our people, they are not only two participants. The core of the transaction is natural is Jackson. The patriot has been looking for a big figure that can take over the top. They naturally won't let this opportunity. This year Jackson will take 10 million wages. This figure will continue to rise. The pirate does not mind to be brought to Yang. In several teams, a team is willing to provide a two round Draft sign. For pirates, the two-wheeled sign is unable to refuse, I think the transaction will be established immediately. “

LOVIE SMITH said that the team will not plan to leave anyone. But at present, Jackson's pirate career is about to come. This year's team won Mike Evans in the draft, he is the natural avatar of Jackson.

America Tiger announces low price and top 10 new Xiu Yalu Arun Jacksonville American Tiger announced on Saturday that the team will renew the Tyson Alualu in Tyson, Yulu. According to reports, the new contracts of both parties have been 2 years, with a value of 6 million US dollars, including 4.25 million guarantees.

Rudy White Creating Career Gades Word Milestones This week, Atlanta Night Eagle defeated the Corolina Black Leopard by 19-17, the team's four-dimensional Matt Ryan took the lead in the interview with the first time to mention his own good partner: external handle Rudi-White ( Rudy White). Ryan said: „Before we start talking to the game, I must say that I am proud of Rudi. Of course, I am also proud of myself, I can help him to reach a milestone to me. He has a long-lived career, Give me a lot of help, I also affect me, I am happy for him. His next goal will be 11,000 yards. “

Former Texas people take over Johnson reported Thank you old home After 12 seasons in Houston Texas, External hands Andre Johnson took careers for the first time in different teams, and put on different teams in the competition.

Last season, with Rad Bryant's joining, Yulu Arun's play time has decreased. As a rotation player, he appeared 471 files, completed 30 times, 2 times. Relevant persons revealed that the American tiger will actively find reliable rushers in the free market. Regardless of whether the team can find satisfactory results, Continue Jaylu Alu will enhance the team's depth.

Pirate general is still trading rumors US Time Tuesday, NFL will usher in the transaction deadline. At present, Tampa Bay pirates will be traded outside Wensent-Jackson's rumors of Vincent Jackson. This week's NFL official website exploded news, at least 4 teams have come into contact with pirates, they are: Philadelphia Eagle, New England Patriot, Kansas City Chief and Seattle Hawks.

„I want to thank Texas, Mr. McNar (team boss), my teammates and Houston have been supported by my past 12 years. Especially I want to thank fans & mdash; & mdash; thank you for giving me to complete me The dream of childhood. It can be honored to participate in the game in front of you every Sunday. No matter where I go, Houston will always be my home & mdash; & mdash; No. 80 Andre - Johnson “

As a rookie of the 2010 season, Yulu's reputation is not good in the fans. Although he participated in the team's nearly five seasons, it was disappointing. In the past two seasons, with Gas Bradley became the coach of the Jagua, Alu Alu's performance has improved, but still below the average. According to the data provided by PFF (ProfootballFocus), his anti-racing score has been -17.7, -11, -6.3, -2.9 in the last 4 years.

Sher is a two-round show that once a lion, which may be one of the best defensive players in the ten years. He completed 8 teleculations in 2017, and the amazing 26 disruption passed, which also made him the best lineup of the United States.

White became a player of the 42nd photo number of NFL's history than 10,000 yards, saying that he said: „This is a great achievement, and the teammates come to hug, this is great. What is more important is that we will win The game, compared to personal achievements, I hope that we can win the partition champion, enter the playoffs. But no matter what to say, this is an important moment of my career. I have been insisting in the past 10 years. I have not been in the future. Will stop. “

Searling lasts, due to the issue of contract issues last year, his Lotte personality also led to differences from coach Matt Patricia. Patricum does not like Sager, no matter whether the game is losing to win, there is a way to exchange the jersey after the game. Last year, the lion will quandre Diggs traded to the Eagle Eagle, Sherse did not cover up their dissatisfaction with this operation.

US time on Thursday morning, according to media reports such as NFL NetWork, the eagle will receive the Darius Slay by the transaction, and the chips are 2020 three-wheeled (85) and five rounds (166) No).

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