After this, the two mullet trials of Akler and wholesale Jerseys Melvin Gordon were only a bit. Lightning choice is in the end of Gordon, but Gordon is falling in the end area, Jurell Casey gets the ball and ensures victory for Titan. The referee group on the field has a difference to the penalty, but the recording playback has proved that this is a conclusion that is undoubted. Titan can pine up. In view of the prevalence of the three foreign terminals in the alliance, the value of the groove is increased year by year. After molar only for them for 2 seasons, Xiao Ma believes that he will be the future of the slot, and decide to keep him.

(Image: view presented in the NFL podcast platform this week is that Lin Qi's performance in the past two weeks is better than his eight years of performance. It is true that in the game against the New York Giant Team and the Kansas Emirates, a 554 yard, a total of 554 yards led by Lindchi, and chasing the team history.

The first two appearances were rosewarted in Glenn, the three quartz, Mark Sanchez, will appear as the second option. The bear planned to let Glenn, after the first half, then Trobeski hits the next half with other starting members of the offensive group.

Carlore said in an interview with „Today, US“ on Thursday: „Lynch is still in the contract next year, we really want him to stay. I never want him to leave.“ And further on Friday, he Through the „Today's United States“: „If he can play for us next season, we will be exciting. We will do every effort to let him leave.“

„I feel that the new season of Feng will be the best in the best state I can show. This will be the best year I show, this is my goal,“ Miller said. „I can experience a complete break, complete break training, I will participate in daily training. Can not be light … Now I have to pay attention to play. I am here, I am ready. It's time to play. “

The 50th NFL Super Bowl: another record classic forever Everything achievements of the next Super Bowl classic eternal. This Super Bowl once again set record ratings, the highest ratings in the history of American television has become the one time TV show; in China, there are more than 12 million viewers watched the Super Bowl game live on New Year's Day morning, in which the number of new media platforms ratings up to 500 million; the second half more than the ratings show the midfield, became the climax of the day live audience. Meanwhile, the Super Bowl has once again become a hot topic on social networks, end of the game the next day, only Super Bowl 50 # # microblogging topic read volume reached 380 million.

Whether at home and abroad, „Super Bowl“ is the most popular social topics. According to Nielsen data show that during the 50th Super Bowl broadcast only, a total of more than 15 million users worldwide started discussions around the current Super Bowl on Twitter. In China, the situation is equally popular. End of the game the next day, Super Bowl 50 # # Read the topic on the microblogging amount of over 380 million, 2.7 times the previous Super Bowl; and 6 days in a row successfully occupy the top three microblogging Sports topic. It is worth mentioning that, in the microblogging released „White Paper 2015 Sportsman of the Year“ in, NFL Chinese official micro-blog account in the first six „events and media power list“ in the column tournament organization influence over the Bundesliga, La Liga, etc. international professional league, also reflects the growing influence of the NFL in China.

As the world's leading integrated sports and entertainment events will be a perfect fusion of Super Bowl has successfully attracted Apple CEO Cook, David Beckham, NBA star Stephen & bull; Curry, Kevin & bull; Durant, F1 champion Lewis Hamilton Hollywood actress Catherine & bull; Zeta & bull; Jones, Kate & bull; Hudson couples, R & amp; B singer Usher, Ali Gao Xiaosong, chairman of music and other celebrities are the San Francisco site to watch the Super Bowl this year. Obama and his wife is a loyal audience the Super Bowl, Obama delivered a game before the game to predict, and immediately after the game to share a spectator feelings; and first lady Michelle focus more on the entertainment aspect, she said: „I watched dressed midfielder show, I want to dress like Beyonce. “

This is also the first time in Wilson, the first time to be copied, and the DK Metcalff (DK Metcalf) has also made a stupid error: he has already completed the ball, but the propulsion tries to change the ball from the right hand. To the left hand, the result was thrown out of the ball and gave Henfri to get the ball and attacked the opportunity to reach the array.

This is the gap between the Danfo wild horse line guard Feng Miller last season has become the gap between the best defensive players. He gains the final award winner with a ticket disadvantage, Auckland raid, Khalil Mack.

The Haiying team has taken Robert Turbin and Christine Michael as a replacement of Robert Turbin and Christine Michael, while two replacement will reach $ 5 million in next year and 2.5 million. Dollar. Whenever the Haiying is trying to leave Lin Qili, they will finally find weak offensive, but also rely on Lynch.

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