In 1988, the nfl Jerseys playoff before the New Year, the Chicago Bear team met the Philadelphia Eagle in the main court of Chicago Warrior Stadium. In the first half, with a 64-yield of Mike Tomczak, the bear, who took the whole game in the end of Dennis McKinnon's end area. The eagle advances the 26-yard line of the bear team in the next attack, but the eagle playing the ball Luis Zendejas, a 43 yard positioning ball, the end of the Eagle, the Eagle. But then, the old eagle line guard Seth Joyner copied Tomczak's pass, the eagle gave the ball again and was completed by Zendejas, and the 42 yard positioning ball shot, at which time the field score 7: 3.

The three privileged label players finally signed a long time before the deadline. Beijing July 18th NFL has passed the deadline for the privileged label player. Three players who have not yet signed long, running the Veravian-Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell), 4-point Wei Kirk Coss (Kirk Cousins) and Corgent Dumeri-Johnson (TRUMAINE JOHNSON), eventually not successfully signed, they will play a new season with a privileged label contract.

„We will definitely consider signing a player who fills this vacancy,“ Quin said. „You can imagine some of these decisions will need to be tried and something that cannot be done in the current situation.“

A well-behaved career is far from a smoothness. He was very optimistic at the beginning of the 2017 season, but was cut off in early October. During this period, his performance was very bad. His hit rate was only 50% in 6 freeesty, and 3 shooting failure occurred in the 2nd game of 3 points to divide the ball in 3 points.

But then, the Eagle has two serious mistakes in the promotion, making them invalidated! This is the same, until Zendejas once again raised a 29-yard positioning ball for the old eagle to chase 1 point! The bear team also in colors & mdash; they pushed 44 yards and completed a 4-yard rush from NEAL Anderson, followed by additional shooting. At the end of the half, the two teams were shot into a positioning ball, and the score of the field is 17: 9, and the bear team is temporarily leading.

Stern Berg told reporters: „This is just the first in my career. After the score, I am more worried about the game & lsquo; only two ball rights, must work hard & rsquo; so I switched very fast, but at the time It is indeed a good power. This is my training purpose & hellip; & hellip; it is what I am trying to do. “

After the competition entered the third quarter, the wounded Tomczak was injured in Tomczak. Concentrated fog leads to both teams to start full of road rush attacks, which also adds unclear troubles to the eagle.

Bilipk defends the patriot: We strictly abide by the regulations New England Patriots Bad Bill Bill Belich Impatiently held a press conference on Saturday to further explain the team behavior that the Alliance survey patriots would be interested in giving the game with balls in the United States championship.

Bell's privileged label contract value reached $ 12.1 million, which made him the highest race in alliance. However, he has not yet signed this contract, so he is not obligated to participate in the team training. It is possible that he will join the team training in mid-August.

The last thing to say is that it is not only a player, but also the audience and live conference. The CBS explanation VERNE LUNDQUIST and TERRY BRADSHAW have made jokes & mdash; about three in the afternoon:

However, in the 10th week of the Poppper, he finally got the opportunity, he became an alternative to the old Bryant Bryant. This time he grasped the opportunity, successfully successfully successfully tried in 26 arbitrage, and 15 successful 16 successfully 16 successfully.

As for Johnson, he will also play a privilege label in a row. In this year, the Los Angeles ram has tried to trading him but did not succeed, and the renewal negotiations between the two sides did not progress, or even the transaction negotiation.

In the end two minutes before the end of the half: the warrior stadium floated and completely shrouded the stadium, and the visibility dropped to fifteen yards! The two team members can't even see the clearing lines and the first attack markers!

Miami Dolphin Ball Backcronaut Grant Behind the Best Technical Group Player in Miao Zhou. In the game against the Los Angeles ram, Grant completed the 88-drawn kick and returned to the arrival of the arrival. This is also the first time the NFL will give up the kick back to the attack. In addition, he also completed a 45-yard kick-off attack to the array.

Billych then provides a lot of details to explain the process of the team to prepare the ball with the ball and explain why the ball pressure of the game will change due to the weather conditions. „This is similar to when you want to drive, the lamp is too low, because the car stops outside the car throughout the night, when you launch the car and start driving, the lamp is destroyed & mdash; & mdash This is a similar reason. „Billycyl. „So weather factors and truly air pressure in the game with the ball is critical to measurement. We never prepared a ball in addition to the dressing room or in any place near the dressing room. We never opened a warm room or everyone affirmed I don't know how to use the ball under the heating conditions, so things have not happened. “

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